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Talos started as a course scheduling system, with the ability to handle any set of graduation requirements and course eligibility rules possible for a school to have.

Now, Talos has features ranging from program changes and scheduling, to translating emails sent from teachers to parents, and school based blog software.


Stuyvesant High School

The Bronx High School of Science

We don't know your school, only you do!

Customizable Scheduling

Say no to long Excel formulas, or home-brew solutions, and instead use and train Talos' dynamic graduation requirements interface so it can handle each student automatically.

Fully Customizable
Talos assumes nothing, and lets you change everything
Table-Based Rules
Easily visualize your complex requirements
Group Students
Talos can handle different groups differently

Adaptable Course Rules

Want to only admit students to a course who had a specific grade in a specific teacher's section three years ago? Talos' customizable rules engine can handle it, and much more.

Abitrarily Complex Rulesets
Whatever you can think of, we can handle.
Easy to Visualize
Talos takes your logic and consistently renders it for all
Talos can handle the creating, and approving of exceptions

A sample scheduling process

Every step of the process is completely customizable. Don't want to use Talos for a specific step? No problem! You can export and import to and from Talos at any stage of the process.

Setup is the hardest part. This gives Talos the tools it needs to handle students the same way you would. The good news is once it's done once, it only needs to be edited if there is a change.

Talos is always here to support you, schools will be assigned a contact at Talos who will be able to assist your school with the setup process.

  • Import courses
  • Configure graduation requirements
  • Configure course eligibility
  • Ensure form is correct
Talos will generate a course selection form for each student based on their graduation requirements, what they have completed so far, what they are eligible to request, and much more.

Talos also supports the ability for students to apply for courses, and the ability for different administrators in the building to see different requests.
  • Students can enter choices
  • Students can apply for courses they don't qualify for
  • Review student course applications
  • Mark a student's selections as "couselor approved"

Imagine you took your school's request file, and had the ability for users (including students, if you wish) to make changes that can be moderated (or not) by a central office. Imagine you could keep waitlists for courses, and rearrange them by criteria like grade level, subject GPA, and much more.

Talos' request file features allow you an add drop interface that you can give to who you choose, with configurable permissions, allowing you to have input at every stage of the process.

  • Users can create request file change requests
  • Administrators can review these requests and either approve or deny them
  • Talos creates and manages waitlists if necessary, though you can also rearrange waitlists according to school-specific criteria
  • A central office can maintain final approval on all requests
  • A messaging system to unclog staff's inboxes during the programming process

Site in Progress

Thanks for checking this out! For more information, please contact us -- or check out the documentation to learn more.

Site in Progress

Thanks for checking this out! For more information, please contact us -- or check out the documentation to learn more.

Other Features

Check out some other selected Talos features.

Anecdotal Logs

Talos provides the functionality to make logs about students to log interaction. Visibility of these logs can be granularly controlled -- ie a counselor could make a log that is private to counselors and Assistant Principals, that a teacher could not see.

Log Integrations

All parts of Talos can communicate with the logging component. Thus, for any action taken regarding a student on Talos, a log can be generated explaining the action and allowing for visibility and transparency.

Log Preferences

Since we recognize anecdotal logs for many schools can form as legal records of student interaction, you can specify that logs can only be edited by standard users before a certain length of time has elapsed.


Send an email about a student to the student, their parents, their counselor, their teachers, a custom group of users, and automatically log the interaction in Saga.

Email Templating

Talos has a custom templating language that allows for users to write templates where certain fields are changed depending upon the recipients. This can be used for the sending of an email addressed to a student's first name, or including a translated report card to a parent.

Mass Emailing

Talos has two functionalities for mass emailing -- one is utilizing our in house templating system such that a user could, for example, blast a student's schedule to every student's parents. The second is a mailing list engine that is customizable and will form based on rules specified by a user.

Integration with Underlying SIS

Talos integrates with underlying SIS systems (like ATS or STARS for the NYCDOE) through preconfigured imports.

Data Manipulation

Eliminate excessive VLOOKUPs and Excel searches -- the data manipulation feature allows you to paste in Student IDs, or emails, and select the data you wish Talos to lookup and return to you!

Custom Reports

Through Athena, access curated reports that allow you to generate large reports quickly on any and all aspects of Talos. This can take out the need for repeated clunky ATS reports.

School Document Portal

Through its content management system (CMS), you can create document sections and choose the visibility of each document (lock to authenticated students, parents, all users, etc).

Talos Blog

Also through the Talos CMS, you can create a school wide blog, or even create department blogs, and give access to other users to manage them.

Incoming Student Portal

The Incoming Student Portal allows you to centralize forms and documents for incoming students, as well as make report gathering on your incoming cohort as easy as it can be.

Translation (and Internationalization)

Talos translates into Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and more! All emails sent through Talos can also be translated using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms.

User and Permission Management

Talos allows you the ease of using groups to manage preconfigured permissions, or the granularity to assign permissions yourself to either users or groups.

Archiving Previous Terms

Talos features a term and year selector in the upper right which allows you schedule for future terms, as well as access student data from years past easily.

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